Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock: A Rock/Comedy Gamebook

Created by Swen Harder

Bring the world's loudest gamebook on air! [ENGLISH HARDCOVER EDITION]

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Tour Book Diary Day #1
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 05:36:50 PM

Hey, folks!

We are so excited. Our World Tour starting today!

Everything’s all set: the nightliner’s cleaned, instruments stored, lyrics learned, everybody even changed their underwear. We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and hopefully a lot of new fans will also support and join us on our “Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock” tour.

The manager said “we need 5,000 to get the real fun started”. By which I guess he means to at least pay off our debts. Well, dude, we’ll do our best to accomplish this goal.

But hell, listen to the news on the radio. Crazy times, even for musicians… Anyway, we’re coming to town. Please spread the news (not the virus)!

Editor’s note

It was actually a difficult decision whether to start the Metal Heroes Kickstarter campaign in these turbulent times. We’ve a worldwide pandemic going on, and many people are not in the mood for fun reads. Secondly, the US election and its repercussions will likely be dominating a lot of our thoughts and conversations in the days ahead. And of course, we would like very much to get people interested in Metal Heroes as well. So, would it be better to wait a few more weeks or even months? Will things improve? We don’t know. Nobody does.

Because we’ve already been preparing this campaign for quite a while and have been postponing again and again, in the end, we decided to finally go for it. To focus on the fun side of life. Regardless what’s going on. And we hope You will join us for some adventure, some laughs, and some loud-ass music!

Swen Harder
Gamebook Author