Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock: A Rock/Comedy Gamebook

Created by Swen Harder

Bring the world's loudest gamebook on air! [ENGLISH HARDCOVER EDITION]

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Where Have All The Good Times Gone – After Show Update #11
11 months ago – Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 03:36:09 AM

Dear Metal Heroes Backers!

This is a very important update, yet also one which is rather difficult to write. Although the production process for the Hardcover Edition is steadily advancing, there have been a few delays in some crucial areas. One specifically concerns the translation.

Translation is crucial

Carol, our translator, has been dealing with a serious health issue, which caused her to go on a forced hiatus for several weeks earlier this year and while she has been hard at work since her return, she hasn’t been able to completely make up for the lost time. The translation is now pretty close to being done. But after that, we can’t just throw it to the printer...

Preparing Pre-PDFs for Play Testing

We strive to deliver you our product in its best possible form, so rushing it isn’t a good idea at this point. It has to be carefully layouted, thoroughly proof-read and play-tested to make sure everything works as it should in the translated version. Nine preview pdfs will go out to the backers who pledged as ROADIE, and thus will help us weeding out potential errors. All this will take up at least a month.

Then, after implementing the corrections into the manuscript and finalizing it for print, it will take another four to six weeks until we actually receive the printed books, and then of course begins the arduous work of posting and distribution.

New schedule

Long story short, it’s become clear to us that we will not be able to deliver the books by November as planned. We really wanted to stick to our schedule this time, but now it looks like a delivery date of March 2022 is far more realistic. We know this sucks, because many of you were probably planning to make the book an x-mas present to yourself or a loved one. But that’s just how it is, and we hope you understand.

What's already accomplished

On the plus side, there’s a lot we have already accomplished. The bonus sections have been written. New art has been drawn. Only a few dasy ago we received the last portrait photos which we needed for the Metal Heroes Hall of Fame illustration. The softcover layout has been fully overhauled and changed for the Hardcover format. The band Garagedays just finished the production of their exclusive song for the soundtrack CD which was unlocked during the campaign for every book.

We understand if some of you are annoyed by this delay. All we can do is to kindly ask you, our amazing backers, to bear with us a little longer. However, as a small gift to show our appreciation for your patience and make up for the longer wait, we thought we’d throw in another cool upgrade feature to the book: Every book, be it regular or special edition, will get a fancy dust cover! It will protect the book and further raise the overall production value.

Ok, that’s it. Again, we sincerely hope you can forgive us, but we’re nevertheless looking forward to read your hate mail. Rock on!

Swen + FuFu

Got Me Under Pressure – After Show Update #10
12 months ago – Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 12:38:36 PM

Hi Metal Heroes Supporters!

Here’s a new update on the Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock Kickstarter!

What’s going on right now?

Well, Carol has been working like hell in the last couple of months and has translated over 80% of the 808 German pages. There's still a lot to do and as I know from the previous Rider of the Black Sun Kickstarter, the most difficult part is bringing it all together towards the end, eliminating all mistakes and polish the text to make this gamebook shine. But I’m confident, Carol will do it as good as last time.

Meanwhile I started the pre-layout with the already translated text, which means not just changing the text blocks from German to English, but also transferring the format from soft to hard cover. For this, all elements have to be resized and placed anew. Nevertheless, this job is done up to chapter 10 now (5 chapters plus the rules still to go).

Bonus stuff in the making

I also already designed some of the bonus content and produced some of the stuff… Like the stamp, the bookmark, or the pick for returning backers. Not a big deal, but each item counts, right?

Fufu’s new illustrations and Hall of Fame Portraits

Since all stretchgoals about illustrations were met during the campaign, FuFu has a lot to do also. New single illustrations, full pages, vignettes and last but not least the Hall of Fame pages with several backers' portraits.

We sent a message to all 14 portrait candidates, but a few of them haven’t replied yet. So, if you’ve pledged as DIE HARD FAN, ART DIRECTOR, or ORIGINAL ROCKER and become a Metal Heroes Hall of Fame Inductee, please check your mails in the coming days for FuFu’s portrait request and answer as soon as possible.

What’s next?

In the upcoming weeks, the translation of the original text should get finished and fully included in the pre-layout. Even the new sections will be implemented with all other extra content from the Kickstarter stretchgoals, like the bonus panels and vignettes. When finished, this pre-print version will be sent to the 9 backers pledged as a ROADIE, helping to make this Gamebook even better!

Other things on the to-do list: Master and press the soundtrack CD... layout and produce the content box... revise the cover art for the different hard back dimensions... and even more stuff.

What about the Pledge Manager?

I know, I said the Pledge Manager for all original backers would be activated soon. But I came to the conclusion to push back the access to it again for several reasons. Mainly, we’re still in negotiations with another publisher about producing some of the bonus content, which would change the costs and amount available for some items (like the poker cards, the bonus game and dice). I'm really sorry for the delay, but in the end, this may beneficial for everyone.

That’s all for today,

Swen and FuFu

Other Kickstarter Gamebook Project

Right now, Jonathan Green’s Ronin 47 gamebook is running on its final hours on Kickstarter. Please take a look!

Don't say nobody warned you! – After Show Update #9
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 11:13:48 AM

Hi Metal Heroes Supporters!

Last call for all of you who haven’t yet chipped in for the new campaign. The community needs just a few more returning backers to unlock the Secret Stretchgoal!

Please consider supporting the hardcover campaign as a HARD ROCKER (just 3 Euro) or METAL HEAD (7 Euro). And don’t miss out on the card game Zombory as a Thank You gift! — Your new pledge may help to unlock other extras, which then will be added to your original pledge as well (check the upcoming stretchgoals)!

Don’t forget: The campaign ends in just a couple of hours!

One of FuFu's new illustrations. (If you are interested in the original on the left... please visit the new campaign page and look out for ART DIRECTOR, illustration"J")

In the meantime, here are some of the new bonus illustrations for Metal Heroes which FuFu has been working on: a brand new full-page illustration (above) and a vignette (below), both featuring some of the antagonists you will encounter reading/playing Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock. The full page will have added gray tones in the final version of course, just like all the one-pagers in the original German edition.

Swen + FuFu

Rock on, on the other site! After Show Update #8
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 12:20:15 AM

Hi Metal Heroes Supporters!

We hope you don't mind, but for this update we'll simply refer you to the update section of the new hardcover campaign page:

We thought it’s just more efficient to have all the info bundled in one place.

And we’re sure that you’ll like what you read there!  :)


Swen + FuFu

HARDCOVER CAMPAIGN ready to go! REALLY!, After Show Update #7
about 1 year ago – Mon, Jun 07, 2021 at 09:46:13 PM

Hey, Metal Heroes supporters!

UNBELIEVABLE! After some delays the Kickstarter campaign for the Metal Heroes and the Fate of Rock ENGLISH HARDCOVER EDITION will take off tomorrow, June 8th!

Direct Campaign Link:

Again, we hope for your support! As you know, if we manage to surpass the funding goal of 1,800 Euro this time, all Metal Heroes gamebooks (even the ones from the campaign you backed already, will turn into hardcover (YES, IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC!).

To help us make the earth's loudest gamebook even harder, please you should share this news to everyone you know and pledge as HARD ROCKER (3 Euro) or METAL HEAD (7 Euro).

Let's do this!

Swen + FuFu

What? Free zombies? Okay... Helioz has something to say...

Thanky you notes:

Uh yeah, I want to take this opportunity to thank two gamebook authors also exploring the pitfalls of publishing their books with Kickstarter, and helped me sharing my book to their audience. So, please have a look to their projects as well. Those gamebooks are still available in stores or as a late pledge.

Jonathan Green, "DRACULA - Curse of the Vampire", "NEVERLAND - Here Be Monsters!", "Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland", ...

Joe McEvoy, "Myrrk Book One: The Blighted Well"